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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Family and Friends.

Another Bash has come and gone. Though it seems impossible, we truly feel this was our best bash ever. It is truly a measure of great people working towards the common good and happiness for others.

A million thanks to every single basher who pitched in to be sure the tents, chairs and tables were set up and ready, trash cans emptied continuously, food in an incredible, yummy abundance made available to all to share, pig put on the roaster on time, pig pulled exquisitely, firewood made available for Rick and fellow bashers to create yet another beautiful fire or two (one of these days, Rick will build a big fire, just be patient),

the incredible music provided with love by Jimmy and Sam, the great background music provided by Cappy for the weekend, doggy patrol, carefully, monitored by all our faithful pet owners and or lovers, the helping hands to tear down the tents, tables and chairs and the clean up involved in the end. And a big thank you to Daddy!!!!! Thanks for parting the clouds and keeping the threatening weather at bay for the most part. The rainbow after dinner was a beautiful touch too Daddy!!! Finally, our most humble thanks to the group for the monetary contribution provided to the Gilbert Family. Although unnecessary, it is truly appreciated and we are grateful to every single one of you!!!

About twenty years ago or so, Rick and I had a dream. That one day, we would find a home, that would allow us to invite our family and friends to spend a weekend sharing our love, laughter and memories together. As we know, we found the home, we have gathered our friends and our dream has been realized over and over again. We hope to continue to share the experience for many years to come. We will know by April of 2010 if we can continue our dream. Many of you have heard that my job has been relocated to Columbus. If we can find a way to hang on to our homestead back here in Van Buren, Ohio, be rest assured we will do everything in our power to do so. So hang tight for details for next year's event, date and time.

As for the request to consider a Fall Bash, the Gilbert Family is totally in! We propose the weekend of October 9, 10 and 11 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). A chili cookoff as proposed sounds awesome. I would suggest the cookoff date be Saturday, the 10th. So, please confirm your interest in attending. Once we know we are "all in", we will order the port-a-potties, have the cards and chips ready to fly, the tables, chairs, tents standing in waiting, and the firewood stacked to the top of the shelter house to be sure we can keep our family and friends warm and cozy!!!

All our love,

Rick, Amy, Lee and Kelly